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  1. Ha, ha! Amazonia knew exactly what Abby meant before she said it. Apparently, Mark’s mother made quite an impression on her too. I think it was Mark’s father who earlier said that Amazonia almost added his mother to her rouge’s gallery.

  2. As the saying goes “you don’t just marry someone, you marry their family” which means trouble if you don’t quite get along with some of the members on their side of the family. And I’m suddenly imagining a story arc that takes place 10 years in the future where Abby and Mark have a kid and Abby is actually on good terms with Mark’s mom, hey weirder things have happened in this genre.

  3. That’d be some kid. To quote a line from Star Trek, “Think of the permutations!” (By the way, I tried, and I couldn’t identify which episode of The Original Series had that quote. Meh…just have to watch through ’em all some day, man….)

  4. I live in Manhttan. Wish it were that easy to buy a building here.

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