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  1. I get the feeling this is referencing something, but I don’t know what.

    I am the TippyToe Zombie
    I like to Limbo
    Often I fall on people’s heads

  2. Hmm…deal with the devil…first thing that comes to mind for me is brand new day but theres so many other examples(including the time ambush bug tried to make a deal with the devil to erase HIS marriage) and whatever is going on with ghost rider that its hard to say

  3. I’m thinking of the whole “Neron” cycle a while back, where half the DC Universe seemed to have sold their souls.

  4. Heh. Spider-Man’s deal with Mephistopheles. He made a deal to annul his marriage to MJ in order to save Aunt May and make everyone forget his secret ID which he then promptly started telling people again. Hence why it is confusing… Not to mention stupid since in order to save Aunt May all he needed was to use his marker with Loki that he gained when he saved his secret half-mortal daughter… But Parker for some reason thought that making a deal with Mephistopheles was a better idea.

  5. I knew a webcomic author who ended a comic with a “punchline” that described itself.

    At least I THINK that was the intent. It was all pretty unclear and confusing…


  6. Maybe Mark is talking about that Bedazzled movie with Brandon what’s his name.

  7. Deevals, never deal with ’em, they’re masters of the deal. Always deal with Imps. Their goods aren’t as good, but you can usually outwit them.

  8. No thanks. Things are already so impersonal dealing with Rite-Aid. (Heh.)

  9. The only people who should sign deals with the devil are lawyers.

    I’m NOT hating on lawyers, mind you. Only a lawyer would be able to really take Beelzebub to task and quibble over the phrasing, the fine print, et cetera. In order to respond, the Devil would have to have his own counsel, a… (puts on sunglasses) Devil’s Advocate, if you will….

    (I apologize for that “joke”)

  10. Id make a deal with the devil. I’d take his soul.

  11. Haha! Take that, Quesada!
    Worst thing to ever happen to Spider-Man, and that includes the Clone Saga!

  12. Jesse Robert Asprin’s Myth-adventure series is the stuff of legends great job referencing it. And remember folks it’s pronounced PERvect.

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