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  1. Ack! That’s not good. What’s going to happen now with Paul and Zoe?

  2. This is where she asks him to move in with her, and he turns her down because Chronopolis needs him 😐

  3. She’s the oldest? Really? Huh, for some reason I got the impression that she was further down in the birth order.

  4. Zoe is about to cry, isn’t she? Not a terribly nice way to expose her humanity…

  5. Not that I’m advocating nor prophesying either way, but as far as breakups are concerned, “I’m breaking up with you because I have a world to rule” ranks as one of the most understandable.

    Of course, if they still want to do the long-distance thing, well… it’s not really all that long of a distance for them, is it?

  6. Long Distance? Maybe. Depends on how much it costs to open a portal…

  7. But that hasn’t been an issue so far, so it seems unlikely to pop up as a problem now.

    I think succession is not by age, but by fitness, so there will be a trial by combat and to the winner will go the kingdom. So she’s worried about some consequence of that.

  8. Drama!! I’m feeling emotions!

  9. Hey hey hey, Zoe’s the youngest in her family! She mentioned that, unless there’s going to be a fight about the heir to the throne.

  10. Going offtopic for a mo…RIP Leonard Nimoy. Beloved more than by us fanpersons, and to be sorely, sorely missed.

  11. “More than by just us fanpersons.” Sorry ’bout that.

  12. And the businessman part of Paul’s brain thinks, “She’s getting a promotion, but it’s at the main corporate HQ.”

  13. Poor guy JUST finally gets around to getting interns to train to free up time for him and Zoe and that has to happen.

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