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  1. That’s… one way of putting it…

  2. Er, that is to say, of the two duplicate pages from earlier, the FIRST of the two was the wrong one, so he fixed it so now it’s the right page in the right spot.

  3. It’s not a bad way to put it when discussing her. Paul is a good friend, so clearly it shows part of her appeal. Getting weirded out about similarities in friendships is foolish. She’s also a woman and a business owner, like Amazonia; is he going to suddenly feel the need to dump her over that too?

  4. I think Windstar unintentionally put Paul into a bit of a panic re: his friendship with Paul…;)-

  5. Ah, homophobic weirdness.
    People everywhere worry far too much about things that are never gonna happen; He’s straight, Paul’s straight, both are in committed relationships, neither shows the tiniest romantic attraction to the other. .
    Worry about Amazonia being a jerk to your girl or pushing Paul away from you; THAT’S far more likely….

  6. Mark’s just making a little joke to match Windstar’s joking comment..
    But a type A personality is just about all she has in common with Paul. She’s certainly got better gams. At least, from my point of view…

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