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  1. She’s been called back to become the ultimate ’80’s band? 😉

  2. @ K.Alan Mcdougall: Freddy Mercury, eat your heart out.

  3. Mama
    Just killed a man
    Put a bullet in his head
    I think he might be dead.
    No wait, he’s getting up, he’s undead,
    He’s nibbling on my head.

  4. Mama. oohOoohoohOoooo
    we need a doc Karma clause
    in case its not just a walking corrpse

  5. Yep. Royal duties, they kind of put a crimp in superheroing activities. Also romance.

  6. That big thump you just heard was either the other shoe dropping or Paul sitting down REALLY hard (he’s too manly to faint isn’t he?)

  7. I think he’s entitled: (A) he may lose his girlfriend and (B) SHE’S CRYING. ZOE. CRYING. That’d flabbergast me…and make her a little more endearing.

  8. I’m surprised to hear she’s next in line.

  9. Me too! Zoe isn’t the eldest, and she’s implied that her mother has little faith in her abilities; what is going on here??

  10. Even stranger, how high would your blood pressure be to get a stroke for someone invulnerable enough to fly in space?

  11. Anubis: she rules AN ENTIRE PLANET. Consider the health problems of people trying to run a COUNTRY.

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