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  1. He might be evil but that baddie sure knows color cordination

  2. Uh…he’s actually one of the good guys. 😀

  3. @FrankNW: I think Jasae Bushae is talking about who built the door in the first place.

    This strip actually did make me laugh out loud.

  4. I dunno, that ochre color on the wall is disgusting to me. But then, I’m not an accountant. All they normally see is black and red. xD

  5. He’s here all week, folks!

  6. As a super villain, I would be quite put out if the heroes didn’t tremble in fear at my death trap, and instead used it for home decorating ideas.

  7. I wonder if Superman had same moments… Punching a giant robot, and heeey we could use roombas in our apartment.
    Chasing after Parasite, and looking at his purple toes and… heeey we could buy purple slippers for the bathroom.

  8. Sure the door is made of solid deutronium… but what’s the wall made of?

    Walls have other advantages, too, like not blundering into the Death Ray pointed at the door.

  9. I have to agree with Saeko. Not sure I’d want to look at a ‘brown mustard’ kitchen wall all the time. Or a dark avocado door/doorway.

    @SilentSooYun — you got it. Most do not usually think of ‘punch through a wall’ if they are used to using windows and doors. Same concept for ‘most people never look UP’ when scouting an area.

  10. @Oarboar You don’t need to worry about it. He was obviously talking about Darkblade.

    …Besides, I don’t see you offering to help with that door. Gee, thanks a lot.

  11. Wait a minute, wait a minute. Solid Deutronium?? That’s either a highly reactive (read combustible) fuel for the Jupiter 2 of Lost In Space fame, or food for Cyclamen. Not good stuff to build doors out of.

  12. Head bonk. Meesa think room built nicey-nice… bonk bonk bonk Meesa learn lesson. Oarboar is right, and Jasae. bonk bonk bonkkitty bonkkitty…

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