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  1. Now I’m caught up.
    Sorry it had to be at a funeral.

  2. Yeah, long ass archive. It’s a good thing, but now I’m all reflective.

  3. Oh, ouch. Poor Mike’s Dad.

  4. It’s always the good ones that die first… Those words sure ring true in this case.

  5. ‘Bowling League’ – sure, you can call it that…

  6. Gimli was part of a similar bowling league…bowling for orcs!

  7. If you’ve ever been to a military or especially covert services funeral, you’ve heard all this before. The conversation and the losses are all the same when you put yourself between bad people and innocents.

  8. I’ve never lost family to war (although my father and uncle both fought in WWII, and my grandfather in WWi), so I can’t imagine what Windstar’s dad is really feeling. Let’s hope it doesn’t fester into bitterness.

  9. Must get confusing if he was in an actual bowling league.

  10. Just wondering whether the League keeps a list of people that a particular superhero has revealed his or her identity to so there’s less worry about accidentally doing so to someone he or she hadn’t in situations like this.

  11. Yes, sir… I am afraid so. A rival bowling league decided to eliminate him as competition. It is all so senseless….

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