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  1. Abby. My hero.

  2. It’s not quite clear to me if Mike’s father realises who Mark is – any ideas?

  3. Beautiful. If there is anything that could be said that would bring comfort to Mike’s father right now, what Abby said would be it.

  4. This is a good one, Thom.

    Sturdygurdy: On 851, panel 3, “*ahem* — bowling league” was the tip-off for me.

  5. @Sturdygurgy &@Oarboar, Mike’s Farther knows that Mark is in the “business” if not exactly what his Hero Identity is.

  6. His father also alluded to knowing that his son (Windstar) saved the entire planet – referring to his secret identity. That’s not something he would do except with some who he knew was also aware of his son’s secret identity, i.e. another super-hero.

  7. So…
    Will Windstar get a funeral too or some other memorial service?
    Some sort of “Hall of Heroes” induction where his costume is retired?

  8. Wow. I’ve been reading this comic for a couple years, and this is my favorite page so far. Very well executed.

  9. Wow &#8212 I’ve just realized that I’ve finally caught up after reading through archive. …Very good catch by Abby.

  10. (Okay — I messed up on coding. That numeric sequence was supposed to be an em-dash, like the one at the beginning of this comment. Whoops.)

  11. Wow… That’s real deep. That’s how you remember a hero.

  12. Abby: they may be subtler, but her “superpowers” certainly make her worthy of at least honorary membership in the League.

  13. @k.alan mcdougall
    And she even already has her own statue.

  14. @Cherub Laws: I don’t think it would be too hard for him to figure it out. For example, it’s very unlikely he’s Amazonia.

  15. You ALWAYS know the right thing to say, Abby. <3

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