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  1. Or she could have asked the people at the next table to give her a lift there. With a quick stopover by way of the Sontaran Empire, naturally.

  2. is that the doctor and amy?

  3. Omg, it is.

  4. Yep, bow ties ARE cool…

  5. Yeah, but she needs to get there /today/, not in 1492, no matter how neat it would be to watch Columbus think he’s discovered a new route to India…

  6. Why do I think this isn’t a good idea? How are they going to explain Charlotte’s presence… “Aren’t you supposed to be in France?” “Um… Paul flew me back on his private jet for a family function and is flying me back to Paris tonight?”

  7. Thing is, that it’s mark’s parents, who obviously know about the whole superhero thing. And Quincy of course, which COULD be a problem since I’m not quite sure if he was told or not. Probably not, I forget.

  8. Izzat a minor coloring error my eyes doth spy? In Panel 1 Charlotte has a yellow belt/skirt, in Panel 4 it has turned white!

    Do I get a no prize or a baldy for what I spied with my little eye? Hehehe.

  9. But I keep thinking of Ben Franklin’s old wisecrack, “Three may keep a secret – if two be dead.”

  10. HWalsh… I have no clue what kind of prize you were just asking for.

    But you’d probably get it if that were available; yep, color was missed on the skirt.

  11. @Larqua Yeah, Mark’s parents know, but Abby’s don’t, and Quincy is going to be there. Note that I -have- seen the next comic by now, and I still think the cover story is pretty flimsy. My guess? This is the issue where Abby’s parents find out about Mark.

  12. Hehehe Saeko, back in the day Marvel and DC had their various token prizes, the No Prize for Marvel and the Baldy for DC. If a fan found a snafu and wrote in to the comic their letter would be printed in the back of the next issue where the editor would comment and award them the “Coveted” award.

  13. come along pond

  14. @HWalsh It seems that the shirt she has on under her jacket becomes more visible as she straightens up, reacting to Mark’s sudden appearance (…or it could’ve been a coloring error. I prefer to think of it as an extension of the shirt, below the jacket).

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