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  1. Why is Liz making the “Who, Me??” gesture?

  2. It’s not necessarily a “Who, me?” gesture. It’s a “touch the pearls” gesture, which women can make when they’re expressing flattered gratitude, (e.g. “Awww you shouldn’t have,”) and when expressing shock or dismay, (“Goodness! He really did that??”) and women can also use it to accompany the expression of sorrow or commiseration, (“I didn’t know he’d just lot his pet schnauzer, too…”).

  3. One hand is “touching the pearls”, the other is a clenched fist…

    Mike did say he was the only person in his family to inherit his father’s powers…

    Maybe it skips a generation.

  4. It may also be a holy symbol she’s wearing.
    A lot of people of many faiths wear them, and find it a comfort.
    We know she’s had a rough week.

  5. Good point, Syncline, it could be a holy symbol or other touch-for-comfort talisman/pendant.

  6. Windstar’s dad: if he IS an alien, that may be a further tragedy: if his people’s lifespans are greater than Earth humans, there’s a good chance the man will outlive his children…even those who take after him.

  7. So I guess there are a few more people to Mark’s “exclusive club” than he let on.
    Unless Mike’s dad happens to be a priest?

  8. @Silent: The exclusive club he mentioned were “normal people”, IIRC, and Mark’s father, as k.alan pointed out, was an alien.

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