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  1. NO? that breaks the usual pattern…i wonder what he DOES have in mind.

  2. I guess he’s just trying to show a bit of sympathy and understanding that you can only get from somebody who does what your loved one did. It’s especially poignant in the case of super heroes-not too many people really get it. That’s why Abby wanted powers for a day-to understand.

  3. 1) he probably wants her to be HER OWN hero, not just Windstar’s replacement.

    2) he definitely wants to make sure it’s HER idea, not just doing it because she feels obligated (that’s a good way to get hurt/ killed)

  4. I hope they do not have a policy against taking codenames as legacy.
    She will always be Liz under the mask, like her uncle was Mike.

  5. Being under the spotlight also means being under the crosshairs of any villain that holds a grudge, so she might want to just keep having as normal a life as she can manage. She has powers, but she also has choices. And during the funeral of a close family member is NOT the best time to be making those choices.
    If she wants to be a hero, I’m sure the… “bowling league” will be there for support.
    But who knows, maybe she wants to be a villain? They’ll be there, too. *chuckle*

  6. Aw, I’m caught up. 🙁 And on such a sad note too… I’ll just have to come back tomorrow!

    This is totally one of my favourite webcomics ever now!

  7. I’m just surprised no one picked up on the “Uncle Martin” joke…

    Mark may not want her to be the new Windstar for reasons of her own safety and that of her loved ones; I’m sure there are ways other than “hero” or “villain” for the young lady to exercise her abilities.

    BTW, DO those guys have a bowling team? Who could they bowl against? Perhaps that’s why in the LNC universe, other than the poor performance of its airplanes, there seems to be little property damage…?

  8. Ah, the She-Hulk secret origins scenario.

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