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  1. The “Hall of Heroes” ceremony where his costume is retired, everyone relates an interesting and or humorous event that involved him and his membership card is ritually destroyed.

    Also, somewhat awquardly, a prerecorded video from the deceased.
    “I hope I didn’t die falling in the bathtub…”

  2. Without fail the League brings up two events:
    a) the single most jaw-droppingly awesome thing you ever did… which is usually what killed you, and
    b) the most embarrassing thing that you ever did, which is usually equally wince-worthy. Remember that time Windstar was joining the mile high club and his date fainted from hypoxia just as that airliner was passing by? Best youtube video evar!!!!

  3. I like the comment about “celebrating his life.” Both sides of it. Kind of a pity they can’t be celebrated at the same time.

    As for hero names: what the heck did “Windstar” mean, anyway? Bad enough I originally thought he was a riff on Booster Gold…

  4. Or an old Ford minivan.

  5. @k.alan, wind = flight + star = alien. That’s what I assumed. Or it could have to do with a star’s gravitational pull, since his powers were technically antigravity.

  6. I was thinking “Windstar” was a John Denver album title, too, but I double-checked and that was “Windsong”, so never mind.

    I like the way Mark put it about celebrating the *other* half of Mike’s life.

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