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I'm the guy that which does Love and Capes.


  1. always see the bright sight 😉

  2. Good point elpi, and pecans are a yummy bright side.

  3. … hey, I’m out of strips! 😮

  4. Hogan,
    if you’re jonesiong, getting more Love And Capes ASAP is actually pretty easy…

  5. Sometimes guilt tastes like chocolate chips, or bananas, too. I love food flavored with guilt.

  6. Pecan-flavored guilt reminds me of hazelnut oil, as a possible ingredient in pancake batter, and Nutella, which could also be used as a topping for pancakes (or waffles, or whatever floats yer boat, mon ami.)

  7. (To be honest, I prefer fruit preserves myself, but à chacun son gout.)

  8. (For Charlotte, I also found this.)

  9. FrankNW

    I am diabetic and with your link. . . I can have pancakes with flavors.

  10. I pride myself on my verbal pedantry, but I had never heard that “notes don’t ‘say’, they ‘read’.” Has anyone else seen that?

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