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  1. Could that have been one of Mike’s mundane friends?

    (Are there members of the west coast ‘bowling league’ who haven’t met Abby yet?)

  2. Whenever they say’ bowling league’ I think of ‘bowling night’ in The Incredibles…..sneakin’ out to do some good….

  3. See, they could have just said ‘he was our realtor’ and left it at that. it would have been sooo much easier XD

  4. “We applied the cortical electrodes but were unable to get a neural reaction from either patient.”

    Thanks, hon. 🙂

  5. That’s the one problem with learning a well thought out cover story.

  6. Jerden: I agree. Just keep it simple, goshdarnit!

  7. Just thought of something: is Darkblade there in disguise, and is it a cunning one?

  8. Maybe Darkblade got dibs on the “he was my realtor” story.

    Would you really be going to your realtor’s whatever this is.

  9. Abby’s dress loses that front panel under her necklace in the last panel.

  10. @k.alan: Of course it’s a good disguise. Didn’t you see the third lady in the first panel?
    @Golanth: Maybe it just becomes more transparent farther away?

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