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  1. Does Bluestreak always speak so fast that he doesn’t have space between his words?

  2. Apparently he’s been the victim of Time Winders before considering the three of them know exactly what happened in one panel just by watching the menagerie chase Blurstreak.
    Which begs the question, how often does Blurstreak tick off the Time Widers and why?
    Is he the “jerk ex boyfriend” of the Time Winders leader or something?
    Dumped her flat for her sister and is now under double secret probation for all eternity or longer?

    I’ve got to see how this plays out.

  3. Why do I hear the robot’s voice in the voice of the old Berzerk arcade game? 😀

  4. Because you’ve got insight, Dude. It’s a gift. 😀

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