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  1. …is that the Tenth Doctor and Martha Jones in line there?

  2. Yes it is.

  3. LOL!!! Nice catch Sparks!!! That is hillarious!

    Oh, and… She still hasn’t finished the book?! Yikes, this mans trouble!

  4. @Sparks Good catch wonder if we missed any others

  5. I can tell you for sure that Shawn and Gus from “Psych” appear more than a few times. Mac Pundit Andy Ihnatko appears as a pretzel vendor, too. I can’t think of who else, but I’m sure I’ve drawn a couple of more guest stars like that.

  6. Hmmm… Might’ve been helpful if I actually knew those shows. o_O

  7. Abby, you seem to have reached a new low. It is one thing to share your insecurities with your sister, but trying to hold her back from genuinely good things just because you feel insecure around the person offering the benefits to your sister? It sounds like you really could use a dose of perspective and perhaps something to make you feel like, regardless of the past, you have no need to feel threatened. Even if Amazonia actually does want to be with Mark, that just shows all the more how much Mark prefers you over her. Let it go!

  8. You seriously have absolutely no actual idea how human interactions work, do you, Anthony? (That was rhetorical, you obviously do not)

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