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  1. OMG what kind of gun is that? stun? Ray? DEATH RAY??!?!? *begins freaking out*

  2. I’d probably hazard a guess that it’s some sort of time displacement gun. Remember, Time Winder, Time Lost creatures…

  3. I sense a road trip!

  4. If something happens to Mark which makes him unavailable for a time, there is going to be serious flaw with Charlotte’s cover story. Someone will have to shell out for a ticket back to Paris, and she’ll have to come up with some luggage or explain why she doesn’t have any.

  5. @Paul
    Can tell you haven’t flown international lately. She doesn’t have to come up with luggage or an explanation, because the current baggage fees mean that it can be cheaper to keep a bugout bag, a cache of clothes and toiletries, at any destination you are likely to go to frequently.

  6. If comic books ever mentioned something about time thingy-ma-bobs, Crusader probably went back in time to the moment he gained his superpowers, to give’em out.
    Or he went into the future to discover that he is a grand dad now.
    Or that Vandal Sava…. oh wait…

  7. Nah, someone else will fly her back.

  8. She’s tight with Paul and Zoë, they’ll hook ‘er up. 😀

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