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  1. Someone impersonating Superman would have gotten Lois Lane to stop pestering Clark Kent.
    (I think Batman did that once or twice in the Silver Age.)

    [In the 2nd after next strip the camera pulls back to show this was a flashback at the second memorial service?]

  2. Might take 3 strips first before the fadeback…

  3. Awkward…
    “So yeah, turns out you NEED super strength and invulnerability to really rock the cape. Otherwise, it’s just a long, stylish noose.”

  4. What did the costume designer in`Incredible’s say, Ah yes “No Capes”.

  5. No, you have to do it properly. “NO CAPES!”

  6. I dunno…capes may provide some sort of anti-radar stealth function in flight.

    And designed properly, they can help to disguise more than one’s bum (I have had a pet project in which I design a costume for a superpowered version of myself…one whose physique is no different from my own. You can imagine the challenge for some people…I’m one of them!)

  7. The cape would make an annoying buzz and produce aerodynamic drag when flying.
    To bad it’s practically mandatory for flying supers.
    Now Batman… He makes it work.

  8. Batman’s cape greatly helps his, how dd the movie put it, theatricality. Moreso his ability to hide in those dark alleys he’s so fond of.
    He also plans enough that somewhere in the system there’s probably a break-away to avoid being hung/carried by it against his plan.

  9. EccentRick funny you should mention that since in Batman/Superman movie (the one which clashes them together for the first time mixing both Superman TAS and Batman TAS) Batman was forced to remove his entire cowl, which would’ve hanged him had he did not. Only later he detached his cape from his mask. And then attached it again for some reason…

    I wonder though how would Windstar impersonate Crusader if Crusader seemingly never wore any face concealing items like masks. Rubber mask? Like the ones from Mission Impossible?

  10. No, no. He’s actually been doing a Crusader impersonation at the local comedy club.
    Open mic night on Tuesdays! Four dollar well drinks!

  11. Reflection of a scowly Crusader in Windstar’s visor is a really nice touch!

  12. @walker… In the words of Ma Kent from the Lois and Clark Pilot:

    “One thing’s for sure, no one is going to be looking at your face.”…

    and I forget if it was a Glare from Pa, or a ‘seriously Mom’ look from Clark, but she followed with

    “well they don’t call ’em tights for nothing.”

  13. @TJanssen411 Ah yes the superhero bulge… It’s sorta funny that in comic books this particular part is never addressed.

    I loved that series… Especially the Revelation by that guy from the future XD
    But finale was weird.

  14. Jayessell: back in the silver age, they even had JFK impersonate Clark once. “Cause if you can’t trust the President of the USA…(Imagine if Nixon had won in ’60; that’d have been…awkward)

  15. Which series about the bulge? Was it FemForce? ;)-

  16. @k.alan We were talking about Lois and Clark =)
    And it wasn’t about the bulge ;-P

  17. Was it Lois’s bulges? ;)-

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