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  1. Oh dear………

  2. ppbbbft lol

  3. Okay, Kid Crusader is kind of cute.
    But this… is going to take some explaining.

  4. now it’s … komplikatet

  5. Shades of Dragonball GT

  6. huh that went a totally different way then I expected…..

  7. I’m with GRIXTIUS; I didn’t see that coming at all. I expect Mark to get sent somewhen.

  8. Well, I was expecting that too, but I guess it makes sense. He’s already been kidnapped to a different dimension, so reusing that scenario now would probably feel a bit too soon to Thom.

  9. I’m with you three, but… Wow… Just wow.
    Thom, this is cool =)

  10. All things considered, there are probably a number of WORSE things that could have happened to him by being zapped by a blast that actually effected him.

  11. I think they call this “trolling your audience.”
    Well done!. 😛

  12. I bet the ‘thump’ was Mark, not Paul. Paul has to be WAY more quiet than this.

  13. If Paul had to carry Mark on the way, tho’…that might complicate things. (Paul can’t hover and land on a dime, either.)

  14. Honey, I shrunk the superhero.

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