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  1. You know this must be THE most laid-back initiation i have ever seen. Everyone goes out of their way to show everyone how useful they are (like that Coffee Maker Man), engage in fights alongside superhero groups and showing them how capable they are… And then there is this. Like a breath of fresh air really =) Awesome )

  2. @Walker: Windstar brought fresh wind into the whole invitation thing 🙂

  3. Hah, Windstar made his disguise save.

  4. @Christopher: At least you didn’t say “Windstar was like a break of fresh wind….”

  5. Ooh, that was one ballsy bluff. Good Guy Windstar +1.

  6. And yup, it’s one of the stories being told at his wake! His “other” wake, no less…

  7. And that’s how Equestria™ was made!

  8. Now this is a great story.
    I’m missing Windstar more with every piece of backstory…

  9. Wait, if he went to the party as *any* superhero and then demonstrated *any* superhero powers, would not the people that invited him to the party at least know that he was *a* superhero (albeit the wrong one), and know his secret identity? Unless he just crashed a party?

  10. NO! I just found this comic a week ago and I have been reading it from the beginning. Just discovered that I was up to date now and will have to wait for the next installment.

    Very good comic. You have humanized super heroes in a way that few other mainstream comics have. Yes, your characters are derivative of several others, but you do it better!

  11. NoRAd: “Equestria”???

    When Deluxe Comics was publishing T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents (and doing a magnificent job, unlike the guy who actually had the rights to the property…), they did a story where Dynamo went to a costume party dressed as Superman (although for some strange reason, the shop got the emblem wrong…;) ) and wound up foiling a robbery “as” him.

  12. You know, I really like the ‘Hans Gruber’ reference. Whatever you thought about the movie Die Hard, you have to admit that Hans Gruber had one hell of a plan for getting into the vault and getting away with the money. The fact that he was played by Alan Rickman just makes it even better.

  13. NoRAd – because you made an obscure (to me) reference to Equestria, my insatiable curiosity made me go look it up to find out what you meant. Suffice it to say my curiosity is no longer insatiable – satiation is not an issue when you are violently nauseous…

  14. Thom – hope I didn’t offend you too much with my comment about MLP – I love your Love and Capes comic, but MLP is just NOT my cup of tea! I don’t have much of an issue with other people liking it as long as they can accept that it has zero appeal to me and they don’t have an unhealthy obsession with it (like a 45 year old man sitting alone playing with MLP figurines talking to himself in a high pitched voice for hours on end…).

  15. Can’t be worse than my “all hail the boobie goddess” to my Ame-Comi Power Girl figure…(has to do with a painting by 20th century artist/mystic Austin Osman Spare…and that’s all I’m gonna say)

  16. Particleman: Not necessarily, he could have ducked out under pretense of running from a bad situation, then dived back in claiming to be the REAL Crusader, left again once the situation was handled, then returned as his civilian self saying he was running for help and lo and behold ran into the actual Crusader, what luck!
    Also, that is pretty much the best possible reason to be pretending to be the Crusader. I like how once he hears the full story, he goes from “upset” to “approving”.

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