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  1. Yeah not so funny Mark. And super powers won’t save you from the wrath of Bridezilla.

  2. Ya’ know Halloween costume party wedding sounds pretty awesome ….. I’m sure very few of the ladies would be up for that kind of thing.

  3. i suggested it when I got married – for other reasons it had to be October anyway – and I was promptly overruled.

    I didn’t think that was a bad sign THEN… Still sorting through divorce papers.

  4. I would love a costume party wedding! Halloween is my favorite holiday!

  5. A Halloween costume wedding might not be so great, but a Masquerade wedding would be AWESOME.

  6. Maybe they could hold a ‘normal’ wedding, and a super wedding, too. Where they don’t have reason to not invite Amazonia.
    … maybe that’s not such a good idea after all. ^^*

  7. Hey, don’t write off all the women in the Halloween wedding category. I’d totally do it.

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