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  1. *Snerk* *chortle* … Florida Teacher… *cough* *snerk*
    He may look younger, but his sense of humor is still quite adult.

  2. Looks like Abby adjusted pretty quickly once she knew Mark was going to be OK.

  3. I have the sneaking suspicion that Major Might will be called in to help cover up Mark’s ‘problem’ at the moment.

  4. LOL! VH’s “Hot for Teacher” suddenly running through my mind…

  5. I still want to know what Blurstreak did to tick off the Time Winders in the first place.
    And why Darkblade, Amazonia, and Crusader knew immediately that it was what happened as if it happens all the time.

  6. Matt [in Middletown]: Who’s to say it *doesn’t* happen all the time? Just like being replaced with a body double is apparently common (as per the earlier storyline)? As for ticking them off, if could be as simple as trying to stop them from doing something villainous, or even just being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

  7. Okay, it’s all backstory which I didn’t think was germaine to the plot, but here you go:

    The Time Winders are time-jumping joyriders from the future with stolen time machines. Our gang has met them before. So when they arrive, Blurstreak thinks he can handle them himself and send them back home, but he can’t. So he calls in the big guns.

    When our heroes arrive and see a Viking, a robot, and a dinosaur chasing poor Blurstreak, they immediately know who’s behind it. Kind of the way Superman would see all sorts of weirdness with talking animals and human statues and goes “Mxyzptlk!”

  8. And here I was thinking Blurstreak had dated one of their sisters or something.

  9. Sorry, the story is actually nuttier and more frenetic. (Just sayin’.)

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