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  1. Gasp! She not only gave away his day job, but his first name!
    She’s practically tleling the world his secret identity!

  2. . . . Actually Charlotte said at the beginning of this that Amazonia did NOT call him Mark – just The Crusader – in her book, so this is probably Abby’s mental image of the events described in the text. I’m wondering if that makes Unreliable Narrator an issue?

  3. The book is the impetus for the flashbacks, but the flashbacks are gospel. As Amazonia tells the story in her book, she edits out any references to his real name. But, if I’d done the flashbacks with him never calling him by his first name, it’d read false.

    What does happen, as you read later on, is that Amazonia may not tell ALL of the story, but the parts she told actually happened.

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