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  1. I’d like to see one of the previous Doc Karma eulogies.
    “We’re here… again… to honor our fallen collegue…”

  2. “… we’ve also videotaped the eulogy so that our fallen colleague can enjoy it if/when he returns…,”

  3. Around the third or fourth time the memorial services for Doc Karma become roasts,
    with good natured wagering on his return.
    (Of course they have to couch their comments with “it might be permanent this time.”)

  4. “We’re here..again..to honor our fallen colleague..”

    Who is at that moment sitting up and clapping.
    Except for that one time when he came back as a vengeful spirit.

  5. You would think they would institute that rule after the second time.

    “Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, shame on you.”

  6. Well, anyone can come back one time. It’s the second time that’s impressive!

  7. “… our fallen colleague… Would you lay back down? You’re ruining the moment! Oh you’re alive again, great… I worked two nights on this speech! Was it so hard for you to just lay there and listen?”

  8. Aha…so Zoe IS on “Valerie duty.” Sort of.

    The “ninety day waiting period” instituted by Doc Karma…a guard against “marketing” stunts?

  9. The sad part about this? The way medical technology is developing, multiple resuscitations are becoming the norm (unless of course the patient wanted “no heroic measures”…pun as relating to this strip not intended)…

  10. “…ninety day waiting period.”
    Yeah, nobody wants to make a speech if they don’t have to.

  11. “The “ninety day waiting period” instituted by Doc Karma…”
    No, the ninety-day waiting period was not instituted BY Doc Karma, it was instituted BECAUSE OF Doc Karma. And if I could emphasize in some way other than ALLCAPS so I sounded less aggressive, I would.

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