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  1. Chuckle out loud. I like the blush on Abby’s face in the last panel.

  2. Well, goodness’ sakes, I certainly hope Amazonia is going to enjoy it, too….

  3. A well done blush, indeed!

  4. It’s funny to see the dark and grim “creature of the night” Darkblade pushing a handcart full of boxes of supplies.

    Looking at all the crates and boxes, and all the cans, bottles, and glasses here – they are going to have a lot of cleaning up to do afterward, with dishes to do and a lot of garbage to dispose of. Do they have a civilian cleaning crew, or do the supers do all the cleaning themselves? Perhaps they impose upon Blurstreak to get it all done in a few moments.

  5. Well Paul, there is a man.

    No dusty corner escapes his mop, no dropped crumb evades his broom, no smeer can flee his cleaning cloth – FOR HE IS THE CARETAKER!

    At least, I assume it’s like that. Someone has to look after that space station, they probably require a lot of maintenance.

  6. Mine does at least.

  7. The ‘life-affirming” funeral custom of the Leandians…unless they’re on birth control, Zoe and Paul may soon have to put up with endless “awww, lookada baybee”‘s… ;)-

  8. @K.Alan she looks human but she is an Alien Amazon Princess. Can she and Paul have kids in the first place? I mean without “augmentation” of alien medical science?

    Also in the first panel it looked like a piggyback ride XD Sure THEN i saw that he is floating but…

  9. I think Zoe’s giving Abby ideas. ^_^

  10. Typo in the second panel: the correct spelling is “raucous”.

    I really like the arc of the relationship between Abby and Amazonia. I’m glad they have gotten to this place now where they can hang out and chat about stuff.

  11. Walker: I was under the impression that Leandia was an alternate-universe version of Earth, making Zoe human enough to have children with Paul.

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