I was looking over my strips, which as many of you know are loaded way in advance, and saw that two strips were missing. I needed to put them in the right place, but rejiggering 14 files to have the right dates, renaming them, and so on is a little more than I’d like to do. So, the next two days you’ll get a point-one and a point-two file, and it’ll update on the weekend. These strips were always part of the story (appearing in Love and Capes: Ever After #5) and I just missed them on the upload.

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  1. You would lose me to that view as well, and don’t worry anout the two strips, I’ve forgotten to add a chapter into one of my books and had to recall and repair the error.

  2. Yo! Owner! A question that came up to my silly mind, is there the number error there? Prev strip was 860, this is 871. Does it have anything to do with yer message under the strip?:D

  3. It is a pretty cool view.

  4. The view is everything, when you think about it. For Windstar’s sister, it’s a chance to be able to put aside grief and instead be overwhelmed by the awe and beauty of Earth instead.

    If that bald guy next to Microdot is Mermantis, fine, but I still think you should have gone with the “male Lori Lemaris/ Fabio from the waist up, wholly mackerel from the waist down” image. But that’s just me. And I’m still not apologizing for the mackerel joke. 🙂

  5. “What’s with the caution tape box near the window?”

    Sssshh. You’ll see soon enough.

    “What’s with these people standing there? Are they zombies?”

    So quickly he understands.

    “Window zombies! AUGH!”

    Heh, gets them every time.

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