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  1. It’s too bad we can no longer use the term “Bucky Dead”.

  2. I am afraid that term is really obsolete or very regional.
    I have never heard it and I have heard many terms in many places.

    Yes, it is hard to believe it when someone who is liked/loved has passed.
    These couple of years have tried it’s hardest in increasing the list.

  3. Bucky. Captain America’s sidekick. He stayed dead a long time but he’s back now

  4. Uncle Ben dead, perhaps? Thomas and Martha Wayne dead perhaps? Krypton dead?

    Actually, I don’t know much about comics, they’ve probably all been back at least once.
    It does seem that only the characters that die in origin stories stay dead, because that’s kind of the point of their entire existence.

  5. Why is it that just because he had powers and wore a costume to fight crime, etc., he’s slated to come back? His Dad had the same powers, came from a planet where the same powers are as normal to them as walking is to us, and I very much doubt they had any more Lazaruses than we did. (Multiverses, then, would be an acceptable “cheat”: a particular version of a character really is dead, but in the next big event he could be reintroduced into the new reality as a “new” character. That’s why I’m gunning for the return of the Dibnys)

    I actually grieve for Windstar’s father. As I may have noted before, no one should outlive his child.

  6. Jerden….
    Superman’s mom and Batman’s mom were both named Martha?

  7. @Jerden
    Uncle Ben still pops up now and then as some sorta force ghost or something
    thomas wayne is batman in earth-2 and not to long ago Martha was a weird version of the Joker
    and Krypton’s come back a couple years ago in comics but was destroyed again.

  8. So has anyone done a story where Martha Wayne and Martha Kent were the same person?

  9. Yes, there is a story on the Lois & Clark fanfic archive where she recovers but all she can remember is her name is Martha. Moves to Smallville and meets Jonathan Kent. I can’t remember the title offhand.

  10. “Martha Kent” was not always Martha Kent. In the early comics, she was “Mary,” and in the first episode of “The Adventures of Superman” her name was Sarah.

    That being said, perhaps her mother and Martha Wayne’s gave birth at the same time in the same hospital, with one of the new moms thinking “She named her kid Martha…nice name…”

  11. Poor Captain Mar-Vell, got a graphic novel from Marvel to cover his death and he’s NEVER come back (just the occasional visit of his soul to help maintain the copyright) but no one ever seems to think of him as an example of a great hero who’s never returned.

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