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  1. D’aww. They’re so sweet together. Still kind of thinking this is going to be the part where Abby’s parents find out about Mark…

  2. Quincy and Charlotte will probably have different responses after they get dates that more compatible with them. I think it would be funny if after this Charlotte started dating a previously unknown super, as to whether they are villain or hero would more than likely end up being a plot point. Why do I keep saying stuff like this?

  3. so, is Mark completely normal, or is something else going to happen to him?

  4. @eric bloedow
    Law of the narrative universe: When a conflict has been easily resolved without explanation, there most certainly is another shoe dangling.

  5. Most wise.

  6. Unstable???

  7. …And what happens if he changes again during the meal?

  8. Are you bring him the kids menu.

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