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  1. Hey… That’s not fair.
    He knows she can!

  2. Didn’t she go back in time to save him from dying? Or am I getting confused with something else (which is quite possible)?

  3. Right now? A bit sudden isn’t it?

  4. Well, at one point she had to go into the past to make sure he DIDN’T, so the answer should be pretty obvious….

  5. Gee, I take a few weeks off from the current stuff to reread the old stuff and I miss out on everything.

    Hey Thom!! I was at Megacon and completely forgot you said you were going to be there. And I was so busy working my friends’ booth that I didn’t get the chance to go looking in the Alley very much.

    And of course at the end of the day Sunday after we were back at the hotel one of my girlfriends was all ‘Hey, did you see the Love and Capes guy? He was there!’

    The glare I gave her for not reminding me sooner could rival one of Abby’s. Wish I could’ve said hi!

  6. I wouldn’t say it’s sudden. I think it’s been on her mind ever since she first saw on television the Crusader fighting that dude with the electromagnetic pulse. He showed up -bleeding- and battered after that fight was over, to warn her that this was what his life involved. What she would have to put up with, if she wanted to stay involved with him. I know it’s been on mine.

    We know he can bleed, he gets scratches and bruises, he can even be knocked unconscious by a clone-duplicate version of himself (the guy with the cloning suit who copied his memories and his powers, etc), and to me, that tells me yes he could indeed die. However, that being said…I think it’d take a helluva lot more than everything he’s faced so far.

  7. The gray hair appeared just before this storyline. Now is the payoff for that plot thread. =)

  8. Well, in a crazy super-hero world, there is always something that could kill/permanently remove someone. Even if you’re basically immortal, you can still fall into another dimension or black hole or get hit by something completely unprecedented. Sure he might be resistant to everything he’s experienced, but there’s always something else. He’s still probably harder to kill than any other boyfriend she might have had.

  9. If he doesn’t die in battle, will he die at all? Can he grow old? Will she be forced to grow old without him?

  10. If he doesn’t die in battle, will he die at all? Can he grow old? Will she be forced to grow old without him?

  11. Because of the things that Ladyofthemasque and others mentioned, I’m pretty sure that Abby knows that he could be killed. I suspect that she is actually wondering if he ages, whether he will live a normal lifespan and die naturally, or if he’ll go on endlessly after she dies (like in Highlander). He didn’t tell her about the grey hair that he plucked earlier. Now would be a good time for him to tell her about that.

  12. “Well, I’m not sure. I don’t plan on checking.”

  13. “Abby i didn’t wanted to tell you this but… I already have… four times. Including that one time from which you saved me, remember? Or… you mean Die – period? Oh no, i’m actually are immortal and i barely age. So only if i get killed… If that makes sense…”

  14. Die? Properly die? In a “normal” comics universe like Marvel or DC, where “moichandizing!” (to quote Yogurt) prevents permanent deaths (unless there’s a reboot or a newly-discovered parallel universe); here…maybe yes? This is “Love and Capes,” not “Mark & Abby”…we already have a second ongoing romance for Paul and Zoe, and as for other heroes and their girlfriends/boyfriends/partners…

    But do we really want to make Abby cry?

    P.S.: As for why Abby even asked the question when she saw an alternate Mark being killed, there are two explanations: her memory of that experience has slowly faded away, or she’s just wondering if Mark is effectively immortal barring the dangerous work he’s in. Mind you, that gray hair thing at least proves he’s capable of aging…

  15. … On the other hand… Maybe his fighting super villians continuously will give HER grey hairs!

  16. I must say I’m confused at Abby’s statement. She knows he can die. She travelled back in time to save him once.

  17. I’m not surprised at all. She just have been to funeral of known superhero. It’s quite a good time to think about life ‘n death in her husband line of work. Also, about that time, wich happened like forever ago, she had to deal at spot with so many things, that I am sure she just burried it somewhere in her mind, and it surfaced ‘cus funeral’, so as stated – am totally fine with plot so far.

  18. I have recently found agelessness to be a touchy subject.
    As the song goes, men weren’t meant to ride with clouds between their knees, yet fictional character are rarely “wrong” for having the power of flight and loving it. Eternal youth, on the other hand, it is like we want it to undesirable.

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