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  1. C’mon Mark, you need to disguise your enthusiasm as happiness for Quincy a little better than that! :- )

  2. @Paul

    This assumes that the person here is actually Mark.

  3. unless he is from the future becues no one can fool abby for long but she could be hidding it.

  4. Well if someone is pretending to be him, they’re doing a really good job, especially the part about knowing how he dislikes his brother-in-law intensely in his secret identity.

  5. if it isn’t Mark (wich considering they have acess to time travel not impossible that it is him) then it’s paul in a mark suit

  6. Now, what if he starts regressing while he’s at dinner? “Whoops, Mark just had a relapse.”

  7. Could be Major Might in disguise, or Mark from the future, or a chronologically unstable Mark. My money’s on the last one.

  8. That would be an interesting dinner.

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