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  1. I think if he missed a few meals he’d soon figure out if he could starve to death.
    But then… He does fly through space without breathing….

  2. “Can I die of old age? I’m not sure. Let’s find out together.”

  3. I’ll stand by my comment on the previous page – now is the time to tell her about the grey hair that he discovered. That at least shows that he is still subject to at least some ordinary aging processes.

  4. It is hard to tell exactly what will kill you until something does.

  5. I called it last page!

    So possible immortality, but the grey hair shows that he ages. He could end up ancient, but unable to die, although the flight and superstrength would make that more bearable. After all, if he’s invulnerable, a stroke or heart attack or infection is unlikely to damage him, and he could be invulnerable to genetic damage, ruling out cancer, although if he did, the tumour would most likely be indestructible…
    Although there’s always the terrifying possibility of being immortal and going senile.
    It sort of depends on how invulnerable you are.

  6. The question should be: not can he die, but when (i.e., we know the aging process is apparently still in effect re: that gray hair).

  7. Also, consult that charming mid-1960s Superman story “The Three Generations of Superman.” Mind you, Supes had repeated Kryptonite exposures to make him age; does Mark HAVE a “Kryptonite”? Yet?

  8. K…..
    As far as we know, it’s Abby.
    (In a good way.)

  9. Well, he’s vulnerable to internal black hole creation, but who isn’t? He doesn’t seem to have an actual vulnerability to a particular thing though.

  10. @Jayessell you mean like Hancock?

  11. @K. Alan McDougall: Yes. There was that arc that ended wth the hypersonic thingiemabobber.

  12. Another thing to consider (based also on the ’70s revival of All-Star Comics…I’m old…*sob*) is that Mark’s powers may peak at some point, but then start to wane (the original Earth-2 Superman was back to leaping tall buildings in a single bound in All-Star…even though by “Crisis” his powers were somehow upped again–I call bad archive-consulting on that one).

    @Jack Simth: “thingiemabobber?” Y’know, it could have been a whatzawhoozit…;)-

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