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  1. be afraid mark be very afraid

  2. … Rawer took the line right out of my mouth…

  3. That shocked Hank Hill look he has in the final panel is great.

  4. Fifty bucks says that Quincy hires an Amazonia look alike stripper.

  5. Quincy doesn’t know about Amazonia, etc. He just thinks Mark is “Marky Mark”, his sister’s fianc√©. That also explains why he didn’t give up on the bachelor party from the get-go, ’cause Mark will just stop it.

  6. I’m siding with Jesse here. Not for any personal reasons (That would imply Quincy can think that far), but for completely innocent reasons (as innocent as hiring a stripper can be, anyway) of Mark is ordinary, so he’ll go as un-ordinary as possible.

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