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  1. Like playing checkers?
    I’m sure that’s what she meant.

  2. I was thinking Go Fish…

    I am the TippyToe Zombie
    I like to Limbo
    Often I fall on people’s heads

  3. Planting seeds…in their rooftop garden! 8D

    …What? They do own the building, and it has a flat or mostly flat roof!

  4. Oh, I’m SURE there’ll be some seeds planted…

  5. And this is how they get pregnant…

  6. Heck of a time for Abby to unleash her inner Zoe…or is that the right time? ;)-

  7. I dunno, Zoe’s never mentioned having kids, playing checkers, playing cards, or growing a garden…

  8. “Mark can you do my taxes? They’re overdue!”

  9. You’ve moved past being ‘rivals’ to friends when you can take advice from them.

  10. @Pablo T: Well, at least how she gets pregnant. I don’t think he can.

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