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  1. Someone with Ice-powers could get the forest below ignition temperature, and condense out any moisture in the air.

    A little off topic…
    Queen Elsa of ‘Frozen’.
    Frozone of ‘The Incredibles’ (And hopefully, ‘The Incredibles 2’!)

    So… Both Disney characters.
    So… If Frozone wants to say he’s 1/64th Norwegian, that’s his origin story!

  2. @Jayesssell: That the frost part of supermans superbreath is what stops fires would be an explanation.
    But I think it is much more likely that the comicbook writer did not know or bother with the physics.
    There is a reason TV-Tropes has a page named “Critical Research Failure”: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/CriticalResearchFailure

  3. It could also be the fact that maybe Superman just exhales more CO2 than most humanoids? CO2 fire extinguishers blast ‘air’, but it cuts off the flames from oxygen, one half of their needed fuel.

  4. Ladyofthemasque: I like that explanation!

  5. “I fear for the next generation of capes.” Oh, that’s not foreshadowing at all…

  6. Ladyofthemasque: but Superman doesn’t need to breathe (he can survive in space, for example), so does his breath contain any CO2 at all?

  7. reminds me of The Flash: Wally West, the younger Flash, put out a fire by running around it in circles-and thought he was creating a vacuum. Barry Allen laughed at him, then said it was more like an “updraft”.

  8. A sufficient gust of wind can indeed put out a fire, so that’s really not as inaccurate as people seem to think… but, especially in a forest fire, a blast of air strong enough to be useful would also be strong enough to blow burning bits lots of other places and start new fires.

    Now, those new fires would be starting very small, so perhaps that would be a win, but it’s hard to know for sure, so it would be risky.

    As to Superman’s breath, the real problem is that his lungs just plain don’t hold that much air, no matter how hard he blows it out. That’s the silly part.

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