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I'm the guy that which does Love and Capes.


  1. woo~ a kiss shall save the day~

  2. I’ve just discovered this comic, and I loved evry page. Thank you so much for this.

    I’ll keep checking back.

  3. Say, didn’t a North Korean missile test JUST go awry?

  4. I was sent from Grrl Power with high recomendations, and this has lived up to all of them:)

  5. Awww maaan, all caught up

  6. Abby said she was sent three years into the past. I guess that means the main timeline is set just three years from now!

  7. … and the missile exploded before it could hurt anyone. I wonder why?

  8. Can you tell I read up to this point in one stint? It is a very good comic and I will keep an eye on it. Good job!

  9. GAH! I can’t think of a worse possible comic for me to finally catch up on!

  10. I read a recommendation from DaveB of Grrl Power for your sight.
    I have VERY MUCH enjoyed reading your work. I wish the ‘other’ comics [like DC] would let you do some of thier story lines. I am so tired of the super hero couples ‘angst’ they re-introduce on a continuing basis.
    But I get caught up to a cliff hanger moment? ARRGG!

  11. Yes, but it updates three times a week. You’ll get a couple more pieces this week alone.

  12. Wow. I’m prescient.

  13. Glad you like it! Thanks!

  14. I also got here from Grrl power. I ALSO bang face-first into a cliffhanger. I also scream in frustration. This one ends up on the short list of REALLY good webcomics.

  15. Hah hah, sorry guys, I didn’t mean to send you to another cliffhanger right after getting past mine. 🙂

  16. You sure know how to set up a scene, Thom! This stuff is GREAT, and what a kiss!

  17. Thanks! This scene is one of those rare times where my drawing lived up to what’s in my head. And I knew I’d nailed the scene when I heard “Feels Like the First Time” in my head when I was working on it.

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