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  1. Awww… dammit. *sniff* Something in my eye here.

  2. “It’s the hardest job you’ll ever love.”
    (What is that quote from?)

  3. The Peace Corp.

  4. I really like Windstar’s costume. This was a great story, probably my favourite Love and Capes so far.

  5. They’ve all been good, Sturdygurdy…they’ve all been good. *sniff*

  6. Right in the feels.

  7. man my favourite characters always dies >.<

  8. I know that the flashbacks are a requirement for showing who Windstar was, but they are all a short time before he had his accident. It would be nice to see him a few years ago, maybe when he and Crusader first met (of course those could of already happened in a previous arc and I’m just not remembering it).

  9. Actually, they did show the first meeting – comic 858, and it was “six years ago…” It’s the one where Windstar had been impersonating Crusader at a costume party.

  10. Ben, I believe their first meeting is explored earlier in this story, when the Crusader asks Windstar why he was impersonating him.

  11. Dang those onion-cutting ninjas. Pass the tissues, willya?

  12. Well… at least he died doing what he loved most. I think he was satisfied with the way he died. Maybe not the time, but dying to save a building full of people is a pretty good way to go.

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