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  1. “!” 🙂

  2. OMG SO CUTE! 😀

  3. XD hahahaha, I do believe one of the previous comments called it!

  4. “I know. Magnetic Resonance Vision, remember? I’ve seen the extra cartilage in your body for the past few days.”

  5. He promised not to use Magnetic Resonance Vision on her, I think. Anyhow, awesomesauce!

  6. You better hope the kid’s powers develop AFTER birth. Traditionally power come in during puberty, but I can’t help but worry about a super-powered baby kick!

  7. Remember, we don’t know how Mark got his own powers; you’re assuming they’re genetically transferrable. Spiderman’s might because his DNA was altered, and Superman’s clearly from another world, but the Green Lantern’s powers are entirely ring-based, not person-based.

  8. We do know that Mark didn’t develop his powers until his late teens, and most superpower fiction plays out this trope. It also makes sense from a real-world standpoint that the hormonal changes of puberty should kick-start the mutant gene (or whatever).

  9. @Ladyofthemasque Except that at least one child of a Green Lantern, Alan Scott, had two kids who were born with powers due to their parentage.
    Between Spidermans superpowered kiddies who were classified as mutants and the half human clones of Superman who had variations of his ability, the next generation is a topic that comes up alot.

  10. @ Jasae Bushae: Alan Scott’s kids might not be the best example. His Green Lantern was a magical construct that functioned completely differently than the advance technology used to make Hal Jordan’s Green Lantern. This daily exposure affected his daughter, Jennifer-Lynn Hayden, a.k.a. Jade. His exposure to the Shadow Realm affected his son, Todd Rice, a.k.a. Obsidian. Also, the mother of Scott’s kids was Rose Canton, a.k.a. Thorn, a villainess with a limited and unexplained ability to control plants. I think this comic will follow the powers at puberty trope unless it comes up with something fresh.

  11. I just love how genuinely happy they both are at the news 🙂

  12. Spider-man’s kids (at least his daughter) did inherited his powers, but they became active only when she reached something like 14. So i guess puberty sticks.
    However Superman’s kid (that was shown in one of the issues as… Earth-2 i think) seems to had flying ability as he was a toddler. But then we remember that Superman is a Solar-powered alien. =)
    Besides, i think Doc Karma could just cast a spell to make sure that their kid(s) and mother make out okay.
    I mean we still have a few months before the kicks =)

  13. What I like about this comic is seeing the characters and their relationships develop.
    So it’s going to be adorable to see Mark and Abby become parents, and then watch their kid grow up, not to mention the reactions of their family and friends.
    Superpowered teenage rebellion wll be very interesting, assuming their kid gets powers.

  14. One of the DC animated shorts has Black Lightning’s tween and pre-tween kids with powers, and wacky mayhem ensues.

    Speaking of Sues…

    Susan Richards miscarried due to the embryo emitting X-Rays.
    I haven’t been following the en-sue-ing reboots, but I think that caused her infertility.
    (They had a son for a while during an Xmen/Fantastic Four crossover in the 1980s)

  15. The Richards family is… complicated. I think Franklin was born first, and then Sue miscarried while carrying Valeria. Buuut Valeria was back last I saw, as a full-fledged child. Don’t ask me how, though the fact that Franklin apparently has “reality alteration” as a power might have something (a lot?) to do with it. If I cared more, I’d probably check wikipedia.

    Nevertheless, I fully expect that a child, powered or not, will open a whole new can of worms for our heroine and hero. Looking forward to it (and the silent strip was AWESOME!)

  16. @Jayessell she did? Well i wasn’t following FF that closely but i was under the impression that they had a son and a daughter… And their daughter’s godfather is Dr. Doom, and their son is a reality warper who had visited Hell at some point and…

  17. Maybe I’m thinking of the 90s.
    No telling how many reboots ago that was.

  18. For a take on the issues of Superman having kids find and read Larry Niven’s “Man of Steel Woman of Kleenex”

  19. On the matter of Alan Scott’s two superpowered children, Jade & Obsidian, two things:
    – While calling itself Green Lantern, Alan’s powers, ring and lantern do not come from the Corps or Guardians but a different though somewhat related source: the Starheart or Green Flame of Life, a mystical entity born from the collected and sealed “magical fallout” of the Guardian’s war against the Empire of Tears. Alan’s powers are mystical in nature, he fashioned his ring himself and has been connected to the Green Flame for so long he doesn’t need it (or the lantern) anymore. Jade’s “contamination” with its energies might have been intentional from Starheart’s part.

    – Obsidian’s powers relate to Alan’s contamination with ANOTHER brand of mystical energies in a major battle with Ian Karkull, a “techno-wizard” golden age villain with darkness powers.

    Their mother was Thorn (Rose Canton), a villain that is basically a golden age version of Poison Ivy, what is pretty curious considering his second wife was Molly Mayne, the golden age Harlequin.

    About Invisible Woman, she had two pregnancies, both very difficult, the first was sucessful and her son Franklin Richards, is most certainly still around. The second one was even harder and would result in the child’s death to save Susan.

    Except apparently the entity known as Roma apparently intervened in secret and the unborn child would appear years later as Valeria Richards.

  20. For your reading pleasure, may I suggest Larry Niven’s essay “Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex”.
    We must assume that the Crusader does not suffer from such problems or else Abby is in for much worse than a world of hurt…

  21. Well, all that Niven-y namedropping pretty much ruined the comment I made for the next page. Oh, well.

  22. I love coming in a few days after things are posted… This way I get to see all the geekery. ^_^ I learned things I didn’t know about comics!!! Thanks, guys.

  23. And by the way, YAY!!! BABY!!

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