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  1. I thought charlotte said that mark was only mentioned as the crusader, but Zoe says “Mark” on this page

  2. The flashbacks are flashbacks to the time Amazonia is writing about, not a retelling of her book. So, she actually called Mark “Mark” that day, but in the actual text of the book, his name is not used.

  3. Though I have to say, with her beliefs about superheroes, I’m a little surprised she uses his civilian name.

  4. /rantmode on
    It’s foolish to use any other name than the one he is appearing as at that moment, anyways. That’s something that really REALLY irks me in any superhero, etc. comic where people have multiple identities.
    E.g. calling Batman, while he’s in his cape & cowl ‘Bruce’ is just SO careless and irresponsible. I mean someone, ANYONE could hear, for Christs sake!
    I hate it when (writers let) people do that (unless it is meant to show how stupid/unreliable those people are).
    /rantmode off

  5. They were well-acquainted enough that she called him by the name that was most fitting for him, and reflected who he was, not something more formal that only just reflected his superhero persona. Secondly, they were far above where anybody would casually hear anything, so there was no concern about exposing his identity.

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