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  1. Eee! 😀

  2. Only one? 🙂

  3. END?

  4. END? END?! Dont you even think it!

    There is far too much mileage to be squeezed out
    of ‘Nuclear Nappy’ jokes and super-powered baby
    arcs, and… whatever else our man comes up with.

    I’m simply going to enjoy the ride,


  5. “End” makes sense. It’s gone to the ever popular “We got married and now we are having a baby because those are the 2 things you have t do in life to be happy” route. If it continues, they’ll just stop being people and just become “parent characters” anyway. Everything I’ve watched lately keeps ending up with the “married and pregnant” storyline. The Office, Parks and Recreation, Shortpacked and now this. It’s disappointing that people don’t think their life is complete without kids.

  6. The web version of Love and Capes is repurposing the print version. As such, every issue ends with an “END”. There are still six more issues of LNC that haven’t appeared online.

  7. I can see it being twins, and what if one turns out to be evil….

  8. Hm…would Larry Niven approve of this?

    (Larry Niven wrote an article titled “Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex” that went into the difficulties…if not impossibilities…of Superman and Lois Lane coupling, much less conceiving. And thank you SO much for making me explain my joke…)

  9. Larry Niven was @$$hat… that article is bad Comedy and the definition of over analyzing

  10. But let’s face it, overanalysing is what us nerds do in our free time, and there are few things nerdier than comic books.

  11. You do have a point on the article by Larry Niven, though until you mentioned it I had forgotten it, however she has been a super herself at one point, not only that but they do have a doctor whom I would assume could negate the negative aspects the Niven article brings up. Just saying for every difficulty their is always a work around.

  12. Who has seen Hancock? There’s an infamous deleted scene where Hancock pulls out and shots a hole in the roof. In a Crank Yankers bit: after Superman impregnates Lois, he flies around the world in order to prevent the pregnancy. In Family Guy, Superman uses his x-ray to find out that Lois has a bun in the oven and then fly’s off to Krypton. Does anyone else think about “Superman Returns”, where Superman seems to leaves Earth as soon as he knock-up Lois? Super deadbeat dad.

  13. And, of course in “Smallville” Jor-El’s “Fortress self” somehow taught Clark “techniques” where he could safely have sex with Lois.

    Mind you, I still smile when I remember the time Clark and Lana were both superpowered and horny…remember the little “Jurassic Park glass” joke in Chloe’s apartment? (That show was on far too long…;)- )

  14. With respect to the comment by “TheInfamousOne” – I’ve been single and successful without children and then had children. Based on my experience, yeah, your life really isn’t complete without children and a family. I realize that individual circumstances may mean that some people will not have families and children and can still have wonderful, fulfilling lives, but their lives COULD be even better with the sacrifices, selflessness, service, and shared love that comes with a spouse and children. I know saying so is not politically correct, but it most certainly is what I’ve found to be true.

  15. Oh my goodness! What a great, uplifting moment to this arc!

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