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  1. i wonder if he has a direct phone line to the police department and if the hidden switch is inside a statue bust XD

  2. SUCH a wet blanket. Honestly, who wouldn’t want a firehouse pole?

  3. Don’t forget, this would be a five-story high fire pole. She’s not invulnerable any more, so a slip would have significant consequences.

  4. *reads it*
    *giggles madly*
    *reads it again*

  5. Read the last frame and couldn’t stop laughing

  6. come on just one…..

  7. Consequences…?? Do people even acknowledge such a thing any more? The shattering impact of bone on concrete and metal, at the bottom of the pole…the excruciating pain when…when…the fading of consciousness…naaaah, people don’t have to deal with inconveniences like that anymore, do they?

  8. Sorry, Frank, that happens when you MISS the pole.
    Besides, Bats had cushions on the bottom.

  9. What?
    No Ghostbusters reference?
    I am disappoint.

  10. Make it a staged pole: fifth floor to third floor, couple steps to next pole, third floor to first floor. She could manage that.

  11. You’ve only to squeeze the pole as you go to slow your descent down to a safe speed. It’s not so difficult.

    What got me thinking is that there would now be an open hole a meter across running through 5 stories. Even if you walled off the three middle floors around the pole, you’re still going to have an echoing sound chamber from their apartment to the bookstore. You wouldn’t be able to talk superstuff safely, and any newlywed “private time” would not be so private anytime the store isn’t all closed up and empty. Goes the other way too. All day would be chatter and coffee fumes floating up through the hole from the bookstore/coffeeshop.

    Next, move ahead some years, if they have children, that big hole is now a HUGE child safety concern.

    Yeah, I can think of lots of reasons it’s a bad idea… which is a damn shame.

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