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I'm the guy that which does Love and Capes.


  1. Good point – there are practical limits on how much support a man can provide to a pregnancy. Our sloppy attention to the details of our language can often allow us to overlook this.

  2. Will it be a boy or a girl though.

  3. Cue ‘new dad’ sydrome in 3…2…


  4. Lol yeah, semantics. ^_^ Btw, I like the location you chose for your disclaimer, here, Thom.

  5. No update on Monday? How about Wednesday?

  6. Just been catching up over the past week, but I’ve had a hard time lately keeping track of how many pages I have left. This comic is why: the previous comic was 872, but you put this one as 783 and continued from there, setting the numbers back by ninety.
    I mean, I did get ninety more comics than I was expecting, but still.

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