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  1. Hey Thom! I read your Free Comic Book Day book yesterday (we celebrate it a day early here in Israel because stores are closed on Saturdays), It’s awesome as always!

    It were the Free Comic Book Day books that got me started on reading this comic, after all.
    I especially love the little easter eggs such as “Oceanic” or the cereal aisle.

    As for this comic: I still can’t help but wonder if the fact that Amazonia mentioned her name, Mark’s name, and Mark’s secret job is going to come back and bite them in the rear….

  2. Having the last word is an argument superpower. 😛

  3. She mentioned all that? I’m not sure you read the strip correctly.

  4. I cannot express enough how much of a relief it is to see that Abby seems to be letting go of all that insecurity and jealousy. I sincerely hope I am interpreting this strip correctly.

  5. Well, note that she didn’t answer Amazonia’s question as to whether that was a good thing or a bad thing, which implies that the answer was not good…

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