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  1. Which raises the question: Are his powers genetic?

  2. In the previous strip, Abby said that the reality was sinking in and she was getting stressed. From the look on Mark’s face in the last panel here, I think the reality that the baby may have his powers right from beginning is starting to sink in for Mark, and now he’s getting stressed. No worries though, as long as Doc Karma can suppress the baby’s powers the way he did with Mark’s.

  3. Or he’s just freaked at the possibility of having a daughter. I’m told that’s a thing that happens sometimes. 😉

  4. But what are the chances for that? 50/50, tops right?

  5. Assume – as the saying goes, it makes a donkey of us both. Bot mostly him in this case.

  6. Wait, when did the comic say (up to this point alone, chronologically speaking) that Doc Karma suppressed Mark’s powers when he was a child? (If that’s a spoiler, please be more careful–some of us are enjoying this day by day as it gets posted!)

  7. if mark has a daughter I can see it now, 14 years in the future date night. just imagine all of the things he can do to intimidate her date, who ever he or she or it is. and I say it because in the comic books it is a real possibility.

  8. Fatherhood. The one thing even superheroes find daunting.

    Since Mark was not born superhuman, and gained his powers from that as-yet unexplained source, his child would not necessarily inherit powers like his own (acquired characteristics cannot be inherited; you’ll notice Franklin Richards didn’t acquire his cosmic-ray-altered parents’ superpowers but ones unique to him.

    And TZ: enough stalling. Spend your time off the book finally figuring out how Mark was empowered. I’m just sayin’.

  9. And Abby KNOWS it’s a daughter how?

    (Or, like a super villian, playing with his head…?)

  10. Ladyofthemasque: The comic never said such a thing.

    What Paul actually meant is that as long as Doc Karma can suppress any potential powers of the baby’s, the way he did suppress Mark’s, so he could have a normal day off with Abby in a previous comic, there should be no worries.

  11. you guys might want to go back and read things from the start, they covered that when he was younger he didn’t at first have powers, they developed as he grew.

  12. Ohhh, right, I completely forgot he suppressed Mark’s powers for 24 hours, derh!

    Yeah, that’d be a good safety measure for super-powered babies. Yay for Doc Karma!

  13. You know it is possible that now that Abby is pregnant she will gain super-powers.
    That or she knows that her half of dna is dominant in girl-making.

  14. wait a minute how will this pregnancy affect Abby? i smell pregnancy powers arc!

  15. You know it’s entirely possible that the event that gave mark his powers altered his genetics to the point of making him able to pass on the powers. It clearly altered his body and mind right down to the molecules after all. Or that the power has some sort of ability to extend itself to his children. What if the power is symbiotic in nature? We simply don’t know enough about mark’s powers to make any reasonable assumptions.

  16. Walker: Not sure if you’re serious or not, but genetics fun fact, gender is determined by the father.

  17. @Christopher:
    50/50 odds…?
    I’m not up on the latest stats, but back when I was in high school
    (lo, these many, many years ago),
    the ratio was just about 75/25, as in: “3 girls per boy”.

  18. it’s about 50/50, actually. But that’s the gender birthrate. The 75/25 you’re thinking of? There are more women in the world overall than men because a lot of places in the world are suffering from wars, and the men are usually the ones who die in battle. A lot of women (and children) end up as refugees while the men are off getting themselves killed.

    On the other hand, boys are more “valued” in places like China and other Asian countries because of the cultural mindset…and girl-babies are still being killed in some instances, in favor of boy-babies (sons > daughters). And from what I understand the single biggest killer of women all over the world (not counting old age, but including drugs, alcohol, cancer, cars, etc)…is men.

    But birthrate, it’s pretty damn close to 50/50…with a slight upswing in females possibly due to estrogen-mimicking hormone-like compounds leeched from plastics and other chemicals in our modern environment.

  19. Father: it’s a boy! (thinks sports, hanging out, sharing various hobbies)
    Father: it’s a girl! (thinks about every shitty thing he ever did to a female and panics)

  20. And for the record, typically in nature there are a few more male births than female (105m/100m is very common, around here it’s 107/100)
    This is offset by deaths in childhood-boys are very good at letting testosterone get them killed.
    Now in some places like China, there are artificial pressures on the birthrate, by which I mean NON-NATURAL population pressures selecting for sex. If your society is aborting two thirds of your female children, the rate will be skewed.

  21. @BloodPlum I had no idea =_= What about twins?

  22. what if the baby has powers, and then starts kicking? DISASTER

  23. We know that Mark’s MRV can see DNA, but can it see through Abby to her child’s DNA? If so, he would know for certain that the baby will be a son…

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