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  1. And here I thought it was some purple puddle villain. Silly me! 😀

  2. Gotta wonder how difficult it will be to put in a new water heater while having super strength…

  3. Installing a new water heater shouldn’t require super strength. After all, they’re mostly empty air before you hook it up and fill it.
    We actually replaced our water heater not too long ago, and the place we bought it arranged the installation. And the inspection afterwards, required by our city. We need to be concerned about earthquakes, you have to wonder what kinds of safety ordinances would be enacted to help people protect themselves in a world with super villains. (Does the homeowner insurance cover acts of temporally displaced dinosaurs?)

  4. It would difficult because one of the rules about installing anything that requires tightening of things (screws, bolts, washers, etc) has the unwritten rule of making it tight and then going half a turn. Is his super strength always on, or can he use it at will? If he’s always got his super strength on, then it’s very likely he will break the bolts easily.

  5. It IS a villain.
    Wah Tor Hea Tor, he makes you miserable in the shower, he ruins your floors, and he loves to pressure fail at the worst moments.

  6. Would the dinosaur clause raise the premium a little? (…I’m just wondering.) 😀

  7. ¡Toro! ¡Toro! Why, that dastardly Wah Tor Hea Tor…

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