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  1. Actually, for her to walk around unnoticed…seems less unavoidable and more nearly-impossible. 😀

  2. Do we have an explanation of why SHE’s at the wedding, though? I mean, I know she did a book signing at Abby’s store, but that doesn’t explain why she’s at her wedding.

  3. It’s never stated explicitly (and maybe I should have), but Amazonia’s appearance at the bookstore back in issue #6 is the cover story for how they know each other. To anyone who asks, they’d say that they became friendly at the event, and when Amazonia found out Abby was getting married, she supplied the dress, and hence why she got the invite.

    There wasn’t any space or opportunity to organically cover that, though, so it never appears “on camera”.

  4. Ah, I forgot that the dress was Amazonia’s. That makes total sense now.

  5. Paul Delacroix has also dated Charlotte, Abby’s sister. Paul could use Charlotte to “introduce” him to Mark.

  6. @ SteveZilla:
    Yeah, well, but how did Charlotte officially get into the same spheres as Paul? No good way to explain that, without the Mark-Crusader-Darkblade connection in the first place.

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