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  1. Whoops! Abby didn’t think about that. There is a woman who used to work at my company who was an ardent and vocal lover of coffee. At one point I noticed that she had been a bit subdued recently, not quite her normal boisterous self. I considered asking if she was okay, but didn’t because I didn’t really know her that well. A few days later she revealed that she was pregnant and had been off coffee for a couple weeks. That explained it!

  2. I get the sinking feeling she’s going to flip over finding out that little tidbit…

  3. I can’t wait to find out the gender. Their constant contradictionising irritates me somewhat.

  4. Oh no… don’t tell me… it’s going to be twins isn’t it?

  5. @BonniePride:
    I suppose we’ll just have to wait & see which trope the Esteemed Author has chosen…?

  6. A trifle overprotective, isn’t he? Superkid is barely even a cluster of cells yet.

  7. @SilentSooYun: But the embrional protection sysems are not exactly designed to filter out stuff like coffein, wich would be posionous for any cluster of cells.
    For everything with a health risk goes: The tollerances of the baby/feutus + all build in filtering apply, not the ones of the mother.

  8. IT

  9. Remember, Abby loves books (coffee) so much, she opened a bookstore (that also sells coffee).

  10. Is there anything other than caffeine in coffee that is harmful?

  11. Bonnie Pride called it first. Gotta be twins for the comedy potential alone.

  12. “No coffee!? I’m going to need a strong drink to get over this!”


  13. “No alcohol!? I need a ci… I don’t smoke”

  14. …wine…

  15. Nope: experts now say that you can continue drinking coffee during pregnancy, only that you have to limit the intake to 200 mg per day. But it’s still a common enough piece of advice for pregnancy that it works well as a plot point.

  16. Bad enough at home, but considering she’ll be surrounded by the stuff at work, it looks like it’s going to be a constant source of temptation.

  17. Having only discovered coffee late in life (no, I’m not telling you my age), even if it is of the iced variety, all I can say is…Abby could be a very cranky mommy-to-be…

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