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  1. (Twenty seconds after Mark shows up and makes small talk about a comet falling into a sun on the other side of the galaxy and how beautiful it looks)

    PAUL: Whoa! Abby’s pregnant?

    MARK: …You are the most aggravating best friend ever.

  2. I wonder how long it’ll take the “World’s Greatest Detective” to figure it out? Five bucks says faster than The Flash on red bull.

  3. hell he’ll start that conversation

  4. “You DID TELL HIM!?”
    “I’m the worst secret keeper superhero ever” A nice call back to itself =)

  5. Good memory, Walker. And that would be funny.

    I agree that since Darkblade is such a great detective, “five steps ahead of everyone”, he may already know. Then again, it was Amazonia who gave Abby the idea to engage in “life affirming” activities right after the funeral, so perhaps Darkblade and Zoe will have some news of their own to share…

  6. Just read through the entire archive here after first encounter, that’s a pretty solid grade.

    But the author may want to note that the page numbers jumped down by 100 after April 23.
    It also jumped up by two this latest page, but that’s a smaller issue.

  7. Scene: Night in Chronopolis, Darkblade is standing half in the shadows, Crusader is just landing in front of him.
    Crusader: OK I’m here! Where do we start?
    Darkblade: So when were you planning on telling me your good news?

  8. It would be nice if Darkblade was completely shocked, though. Considering how he views himself as the ‘Greatest Detective Evah’, I think it would be funny if he didn’t figure it out until he was told. Probably not going to happen, but meh.

  9. I don’t know, but I’ve posted it in sequence now. Just hit the back button.

  10. Thank you Thom you are the best!

  11. Mark, you have heard of “famous last words,” haven’t you?

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