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  1. Lol, poor kid’s going to have Abby cramming every type of education down his/her/their throat…

  2. Dear mom/dad,
    decided to go find myself.
    Gave my college fund to Oxfam.
    Going to live in an abandoned school bus in Alaska.
    Love, Alexander Supertramp

    Planning rarely survives contact with the enemy/child.

  3. Syncline, your comment made me laugh, especially the last line. You must be a parent!

  4. Or a child!

    Well, I like to think that I’m not a disappointment to my parents, but I definitely wouldn’t recommend planning out your child’s life, particularly not before birth. Parents need to just… encourage their kids to do their best.

  5. Pardon the mini-rant, but to echo Jerden’s comment, I hope Abby isn’t being totally serious here. While it’s good to prepare in case that’s what the child/children wants/want, ultimately it’s going to be up to him/her/them whether to go that route. Trying to force him/her/them is only going to end up in disappointment and unhappiness.

  6. So…no help from “Uncle” Paul and “Aunt” Zoe? (By that I mean…references)

  7. Her expression looks to me like she is half-joking, but I could be misinterpreting.

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