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  1. Lol the height thing was the only thing they came up with as a reason for him not to be the Crusader? I’m amused…

  2. It was the glasses that always threw me off…
    It’s actually surprising how often celebrities/authority figures are reckoned to be taller than they actually are. Some of it is camera trickery (such as anything with Tom Cruise), but much of it is simple expectation; they’re “bigger” than us, so we expect them to be, well, bigger than us.

  3. It’s probably the hair/glasses combo. You notice, every time he changes into his costume, he musses up his hair. The exact same way, every time? It’s no wonder no one connected the dots.

  4. Well, a part of it is also (I think) a point towards superman, where (depending on the artist) one of the ways Clark Kent uses to disguise himself it to slouch a bit, making him look a bit shorter and a bit “fatter” (see a )

  5. He let the ring go invisible again. He needs to show them that piece of proof.

  6. So I guessed right that this is the issue where her parents find out, but I was wrong on the how. Also, once Mark and Abby started talking about it, I thought her parents would be like “Oh, yeah, we figured that out already.”

  7. Six non-crimefighters excluding Abby’s parents? I can only think of four – Abby and her sister and his parents. Who are the other two?

  8. I think I read that for The Specialist, they had to do some creative work to make Sly Stallone match with Sharon Stone, ‘cuz…well, ‘cuz the heights of each were different, ‘n’ stuff. The usual. (Old school movie.) 😀

  9. Funny how Abby initially had the same reaction. Hope they don’t faint as well.

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