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  1. When was the first time he couldn’t read her?

    Also, what issue is this?

    I was looking at the store, and what are the differences between the Free Comic Book Day and the Retail editions? And is the only difference for the two #12 the picture on the cover?

    Will Mark and Abby discover what Amazonia did with his evil twin?

  2. Also, are you going to be posting the Ever After issues, as well, or can those only be bought?

  3. Richard–

    1. We haven’t seen Doc Karma try to read Abby before. He’s referring to something that happened off-camera, so to speak. I’ve always liked the idea that Love and Capes shows some of their story, but not the whole thing.

    2. Eventually, everything will be online, including Ever After. But, it takes 3-4 months for an issue to finish posting, since each issue breaks down to 46 strips or so. Given that #12 was double-sized, it’ll be late 2012 before any of Ever After stars showing up, and 2015 before the last strips appear. So, it’s just a question of how long are you comfortable waiting.

    3. Don’t worry about the downer ending. It’s nothing like the last Smallville episode. I don’t want to spoil anything beyond that. I know I didn’t lose any readers from it, and it was pretty universally received, so I think it’s okay. You’ll have to trust me.

  4. Heh, now that’s a super power of it’s own!

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